Saturday, May 27


OK, kids... I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. I know I'm not. (Just kidding, I'm taking some much needed time to just be alone, and not do anything... it's nice, for a change, to be the boss.) Anyway, I was dorking around on the internets, as I sometimes do, and I found something y'all might want to see. (Or not, whatever -- no big whoop.)

Over on, they have, what I would call the porn world's version of 'Entertainment Tonight' or something like that. It's called "The Tim & Roma Show," and it is a hoot. I should know, because I was on it! Just go to NakedSword's 'Tim & Roma' show archives, and select the episode dated 7/6/04. Or just look for the picture posted with this entry. That's me being interviewed for the 20th Anniversary of MEN magazine, of which I was editor at the time. (They're on their third editor since I left, so... well, you can just draw your own conclusions.)

The episode is from a happier (and obviously delusional) time of my life, so it makes for a good giggle. Oh, and the show is hosted by one of the guys from NSword's upper management, and a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma. (Woot! Big ups to my peeps in the bay, haaay!) Anyway, I think you may have to register with the site (for free) in order to download the show, or maybe not. Don't know. Just thought I'd share, n'junk.


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