Thursday, September 3


Here are some actual email headers from my Yahoo! Spam folder:

Advance your career as a nurse!
I have tons of these in my Spam folder... no joke to go with them, though.

A horny wife using a fish as a dildoo
I don't know what a, "dildoo," is, but I'm guessing a fish doesn't make a good one.

All kind adult pictures
Nice grammar.

Don't be left out, join millions of men in the revolution
While the revolution won't be televised, it seems it will be online.

McLean bigoted unwittingly
Well good/bad for him!

Russian shy babe posing
Not so shy if she is posing in the manner I think you're suggesting.

Hi! This is Dolores, Farm girls go wild with beasts.
I love the personal introduction to "Dolores," as if that will make the bestiality more palatable.

Someday my prince will come
Yeah... you and me both, hon.

Dreams coming true
I should really introduce this person to the joker who sent me the "prince" email, no?

Young, younger, youngest: fresh, young cut ies!
I don't know what "cut ties" are, but these guys have the youngest, freshest ones around.

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