Tuesday, June 27


My sister (the older one, not the younger one) wrote me an email about an argument she had with my mother. My mom said Ann Coulter and Kathy Griffin were exactly the same... my sister was pretty frustrated, as she felt she wasn't able to articulate the difference. So here's what I told her:

1. I sorta understand mom's point -- if you don't listen to what either one says (you know, the same way she doesn't REALLY know the lyrics to ANY song she's singing?), and just take a temp-reading from the amount of media coverage/talk-time at the family dinner table both one gets, yes, they are EXACTLY the same. Just like how Osama Bin Laden and George Bush are exactly the same... or how Bill O'Reiley and Anderson Cooper are the same, or like Oprah Winfrey and the host of 'Cheaters" are identical. (See definition of "kraz-eee")

2. While passionate, and correct (all digs at Julie Cleaver aside), I’m not sure you're taking the right approach with this line of thinking. The important difference between Kathy and Ann Cunter is that one has the capacity to grow, learn and expand their horizons. The other one is Ann Coulter. Yes, they both take extreme positions on their side of the political spectrum, and yes, they both say things for shock value, and/or to hear the sound of their own voice. But (just to name two examples of the important distinctions in character) consider:

a. Kathy used to bag on Celine Dion pretty bad; saying her husband starting having sex with her when she was 14, etc., but after meeting Celine (when Celine came through in a pinch, for one of Kathy's MANY philanthropic activities, and yes, that's Kathy's charities: 5, to Ann's, uh, well none), Kathy changed her tune. Yes, she still pointed out all the wacky, only-a-celeb would do this sort of antics, but she admitted she was wrong, and talked equally about how much she like Celine. Ann Coulter, on the other hand, has dug in her heels to the point where even the talking heads on Fox News starting distancing themselves.

b. Kathy, during a previous stand-up bit, took Stella McCarthy to task for her 'fashion' and other celeb-reality bullsh!t. Anyway, Kathy explains that her whole bit isn't to be rude (unlike Ann coulter, who writes entire books about how worthless other people are, simply b/c they fail to agree with her), but to joke, and make light of so-called serious celebs. But Kathy interviewed Gweynth and Stella, and Stella not only got the Kathy's whole bit, but played into/played along with it, she changed here tune... on Stella, but not Gwen-Gwen, b/c she was still a total biatch.

Ya see? The ability to take in new info and grow... it's what separates us from the lower life forms, like Ann Coulter.


Patrick said...

Interesting to compare those two. The one thing they definitely have in common is they offend a lot of people.

But I just love Kathy G. to peeeezes. She made a joke about Ann Coulter and her dresses. Why does she always look like she just came from a cocktail party?

Anonymous said...

I realy loved what you had to say about Ann Coulter. It was very well written.

...Cocktail party? Really, I think she is just crazy. I mean R E A L L Y CRAZY! She probably thinks she came from one, in her mind.

Anonymous said...

you fuckin left wing liberals are what make every other country laugh when some one talks about the U.S.