Thursday, June 8


Sorry for the lack of posts this past week -- I have plenty to say, so I'll have to play catch-up.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts recently, and got a big surprise: another shout-out from the crew over at the Gay Pimp Podcast! This show really rocks, and if you haven't checked it out yet,
there's something wrong with you! I was flattered to be mentioned during the show, but I have this to say, to Str8boy Martin:

Oh, yeah... that was butch! Beating a girl in an arm-wrestling match?! OK, so she's a lesbian, but if you won the match, she obviously wasn't one of those bull-dyke types. I loves ya to death, but c'mon... butch it up; represent your demographic, man! (And if anyone out there thinks I'm wrong, examine the "straight" guy's one-word review of a song, or dragshow, or something: delicious. Now, what kind of straight guy uses that word, even when he's talking about food?)



bomitoni said...

she's scurry!

Bruce said...

I do heart the gay pimp...and I heard them mention ZipperSparks the other day! Straighie Martine regained his butchness...though I don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and awwwed that you guys don't believe that I beat a real live bull-dike! Look at her blog here for her account of the incredibly grueling match:

I'm butch, I tell you! Butch!

-Straighty Martin

fabiopeeves said...