Wednesday, November 1


Ch-ch-ch-check 'em out!

We Run This [X-Press 2 Remix] Missy Elliott -- You can't buy this track as a normal music customer, but you can get a listen over at the Dance Department podcast, available thru iTunes.

What About Us [Jacques Lu Cont / Original] Texas -- Unfortunate name for a band, but killer track. amazing remix from Mr. LuCont.

Fergalicious / Give It What U Got [Original Mixes] Fergie / AfroRican -- Normally, a cover track makes the original look lame, or vice versa... but in this case, they both rock

Speed of Sound [Remixes / Original] Coldplay -- I won't pretend to understand this song (or get past their pretentious attitude), but I love all the mixes I've heard of this one, and the original, t'boot.

Anything remixed by the Freemasons, including Deja Vu by Beyonce, Shine by Luther Vandross and Mesmerized by Faith Evans

I've got more picks, but I want to select better artwork, and it's my night to make dinner, and I'm running late as it is...

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