Sunday, November 12


This is an actual, unaltered screen shot of an amazing application (well, OK, maybe it is more of a utility, but you get the idea). This little gem adjusts, well, cleans, your screen. The difference is SO noticeable, and it is actually fun to watch the little "cleaning rag" bounce around your screen as the adjustments are made. When you first start the program up, it doesn't do anything. To be honest, it doesn't do anything for quite a while (it's reading your settings, checking things out, etc.). But the, it leaps into action, and you actually have a better view than before.

Usually I can't stand it when people throw an exclamation (sp? I'm too lazy this morning) on the end of a service or product, as though shouting about it will make people more excited, or make the product, and/or service better. But in this case, Screencleaner Pro! deserves it.

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