Wednesday, January 31


So, I was doing some browsing in iTunes, and a search found some interesting results, and a search for Cher (don't ask, and I won't beat you) and guess who turned up? The PNSexplosion! Whoah, babes! I'm not sure how the search engine for iTunes works, but you gotta admit: this is pretty damn funny/odd.

(For those of you who are nosey enough to zoom in on my playlists, yes there's an entire playlist dedicated to Anastacia--I'm that gay. And yes, that's a disc I'm working on for the boys at the Daily Purge at the top of the list.)

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Marz said...

And the fact that the song currently playing in the screen shot is I've got you babe feat. Beavis and Butthead deserves no comment? I don't think so!

Glad to see you're "back".