Thursday, April 26


Last season, on HGTV they had a contest to pick a new, "star." They ended up picking David Bromstad, and boy am I happy they did! He's so hot. He's tall (which beats out Oprah's design guru, Nate), has an amazing body (take that "Trading Spaces") and gay as the day is long. And yes, he's got the gay-lisp/valley-girl inflection when he talks, but he's so cute, and so amazing at what he does, I don't care.

I don't have any particular hang-ups about "nelly" queens, or gay men with limp wrists... I'm usually into big, dumb (and I'm talking Gold's Gym-big, and dumb as a box of rocks) manly men. But they're usually not flexible enough to have fun (or what I consider fun), in the bedroom, so sometimes you need a big ol' girl. (So to speak.) David doesn't qualify as being a big' ol girl, but more of a sexy blend of big'n'manly and sassy-sexy.

If you haven't checked out his show, Color Splash on HGTV, you're missing out.

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Marz said...

Horray! A return of Zippersparks. Now I have another blog to read when I am procrastinating and not studying...