Monday, April 30


I miss Gilda Radner. After she left Saturday Night Live, the show seemed to lose its edge. After she passed, the world just seemed a little less fair. I stumbled across this passage from a skit she did.

The character's name was Emily Litella, a social activist with a hearing problem. She was a regular feature on the fake news, a segment that remains a part of the show. Here is one of my favorite passages:

Emily: "What's all this fuss I hear about endangered feces? That's outrageous. Why is feces endangered? How can you possibly run out of such a thing? Just look around you--you can see it all over the place. And besides, who wants to save that anyway?"

Jane Curtin: "Umm, Emily, the issue is actually endangered species, not feces."

Emily: "Oh... that's different. Never mind"

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