Thursday, December 13


I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest Blake Lewis fan during American Idol. Don't get me wrong: I didn't want what's her name to win, either. But there was always something just a little off about his performing... I couldn't ever really express what bothered me about his run on Idol, but I was (as always), underwhelmed,

But now that his CD came out, and I've had a chance to sample the tracks, I have to admit: it is a pretty solid album. Yes, there are some train-wreck moments, and a couple of, what were you thinking? moments, too. And some of the lyrics read more like an entry from an angst-ridden teenager's diary... but overall, it turned out to be a toe-tapper.

It is a little heavy on the "concept" - there is a great deal of artistic framing and structure around what turns out to be a rather generic personal endeavor. Lewis goes out of his way to express himself, with layer upon layer... upon layer of vocal filters, effects and backing vocals. and while the manner in which he delivers his art is unique, he isn't saying anything deep, or original. I'm conflicted about whether this bodes well for his future as an artist, but for now, I'll be indulging in this Audio Daydream.

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