Sunday, May 13


Prep time varies, depending on freshness of ingredients
Active baking time is nine (9) months per child
For best results, allow components of dish to simmer for 30 to 40 years

One (1) Chicana, no younger than 25 (premium results if raised in East Los Angeles and well-educated)

Add one (1) free range, farm raised Chicano activist/educator (first-class pairing if he is from San Joaquin Valley or nearby)
Trio of Children: Direct offspring, no less than three (3); Extended family offspring (number varies by region); School children, browned but not burnt
Place all components in suburban environment, throwing homemade birthday parties, allowing time for play outside, mixing and bonding children. (Warning: direct offspring may shed several layers before maturing so disregard any unusual changes in outward appearance.)

 Once you have a complex, tasty flavor profile simmering you may want to introduce foreign seasoning (from various travel adventures) – make sure to include a variety of exotic flavors, from piquant to sweet. Hint: if you want your dish more on the tangy side simply add more children.
Allow dish time to rise – a public school makes for a great proofing process, but only if the mama can be paired with other spicy dishes. The more you can mix things up, the more scrumptious and savory the final flavor will be.
To keep things appetizing, pull dish from heat after 60 or so years and allow others to enjoy the rich bouquet of your spicy mama. Enjoy!


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