Saturday, August 18

Hey Kitty

Hey there pretty kitty!
I know you’ve had a rough run recently.
You’ve been backed into a corner,
put under a microscope,
and driven crazy.

Even on the best day getting out of bed was a chore.
It seemed as though life would devour you whole.

It was enough to make you want to run and hide, hide, hide!
Troubles all around drove you to drink
(but made you want to worse).
And although at times it may have felt like you were just being dragged along against your will,
Forced to deal with people who seemed nothing like you
And meetings where you were the odd one out
You held your own, of that be sure!
Luckily, not everyone you met on this journey was a total freak.
Although some may have seemed like it
Your family reached out to show their love
And you made it through! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!
And remember, as strange as things may get:
You are not alone.

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