Monday, October 30


Heroes -- but only when its rebroadcast, on Fridays, on SciFi. Why? Dunno. OK, yes I do. I watch Battlestar Galactica every week (no tapes, no TiVo, must be live), so that preety much means by Friday night is spoken for, so I spend the time leading up to it watching TV I wouldn't normally watch... let's be honest: "Heroes" appeals to the lowest-common denomenators, and makes NO sense whatsoever. But I like the look of it: cartoony, without being childish; dark without being morose; animated without looking like a bad graphic novel. And last time (well, last week) the cheerleader took matters into her own hands. If you don't know what I mean, you owe it to yourself to check this show out.

Although, does anyone else think that guy was cuter when he was on "Gilmore Girls?"

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Marz said...

Hmm, it would be better if the TV wasn't so dark adn i could actually tell what I was watching... Although we did get an offer to see it somewhere else....

PS - my word verification was eggrfx - funnies!