Monday, November 3


I was wandering the aisles of my local Target - in the beauty/skin-care area - and I came across a shocking sight: Kiehls. If you are not familiar with Kiehls, it is a super high-end line of skin products favored by the rich and famous. They don't advertise, and they used to only be available in the Kiehls Store, and high-end boutiques, like Fred Siegel.

Back when I lived in the Melrose District of Weho/Hollywood, a friend turned me on to Kiehls (at Fred Siegel, and a pretty outrageous price), and I've been a fan ever since. "You only get one skin in your lifetime, so what's wrong with splurging to take care of it?," he asked me. OK, so the human skin regenerates, over time, you really get multiple chances to take care of it, but I understood his point.

The sad part of this story is that selection Target featured were some of the less-popular, odd products nobody wants in the Kiehls Store.

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M said...

I love target. It has a little bit of everything and usually at decent prices.

BTW, my word verification was "peturb', I kid you not.