Monday, November 3


If you're anything like me (and I hope you are), you've seen the new Top Chef promos and wondered, "who sings that song?" It sounds like a gayer (and cooler) Good Charlotte track... but who is it?

The band's name is Cobra Starship, and the track is called, "City Is At War," from the album Viva La Cobra. I have to admit, I kinda like the track. (OK, I bought it, but it isn't in heavy rotation at the moment.)

I'm kinda/sorta looking forward to the new season of Top Chef, and in truth, the majority of my excitement comes from this song and the promo that features it. After the whole Hung-Dale fiasco a couple of seasons ago, I'm less enthusiastic about this show. But it is still way better than any of the stupid "reality cooking" shows on Food Network.

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M said...

Weren't you forced to listen to another of their songs last year, around August...