Friday, February 27


Earlier in the week, the business section of the Los Angeles Times featured a Nielson Report on current trends in television watching. The report basically said we're watching more TV, as a country. (You can read the article here.)

The report cited a number of anecdotes, and even had some interesting statistics. The study found that Americans are turning to the boob tube as a cheap source of entertainment because of the bad economy.

The average viewer in the U.S. now watched about 151 hours of TV a month, up 3.6% from the previous year. It only averages out to about 5 more hours a month, but all the extra TV viewing is having a profound impact on the medium as a whole. The increase in viewing isn't translating into better ratings, because of the number of niche and specialty entertainment streams available. They estimated that 27 of the 151 monthly hours spent "watching TV" are actually logged on computers and portible devices.

So basically, the folks over at Nielson spent tons of time and mountains of money compiling a report that says Americans like watching TV. We like it so much, we've actually (somehow) found a way to watch more of it.

Well, duh...

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