Thursday, March 26


Here are some honest-to-god subject lines from email in my Yahoo! Spam Folder:

Beef only from cattle younger than 21 months old if Japan lifts its ban.
I don't know what that means, but I'm not falling for it.

Enjoy life more in your own hot tub!
Got to get in the hot tub!!!

Are you wasting your military benefits?
I didn't know I had any...

Hernia Patch Recall - Important lawsuit information!
Hernia patch... those are two words I never want to see together.

Lady's first dog sex!

Shakira is a lesbian. We have intimate pics!
Don't care, don't wanna know.

YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!!! Someone thinks you are dumb - take the quiz and prove them wrong.
Yeah, I would prove just how dumb I actually am by clicking on this link.

Yahoo! recommends that you update your browser.
I recommend Yahoo keep its opinion to itself.

I am confounded what these people do with girls!
Me too, pal. Me too.

They loved it too much; next time we should charge them!!
Sounds good to me! What are we talking about?

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