Monday, May 11

WHAT THE #@%&?

I've been a Mac die-hard customer all my life.

No, really. When I was about six or seven, my parents bought an Apple LC II. You know, the ones with the green screen, before they had a mouse? Anyway, since then I've been a loyal customer and avid defender of the Apple way of life.

But I have a bone to pick with the folks up in Cupertino... the staff in the stores. I've shopped at a number of locations (Thousand Oaks, The Grove, Simi Valley, etc.) and I've noticed that no matter the size of the store, no matter how ethnically diverse the town, the majority of the employees were of the same demographic: white teenage boys.

Not don't get me wrong. I have a taste for all things Wonderbread (just not underage, mind you). But it gets a little old, you know?

And Apple has always been one of those brands that represented diversity and inclusiveness. I mean, the original Apple logo was a freakin' rainbow apple for cryin' out loud.


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