Friday, February 17


…but it isn't anything like the one's you'd find the bottom of a box of Cracker-Jacks.

OK, this is my last post about gay porn for a while, I swear. I just couldn't pass up posting pictures of a couple of the new COLT products—mostly because the guy on the box makes me bonkers… and I'm not usually into blond guys, either. Actually, if you've seen the trailer for Big Rig, then you've caught a peek of Brian Hansen and Christian Alvarez, who are more my style. (That Brian has the most incredible smile, no?) I'm not all that boy-crazy, I swear.

But I must admit I'd buy just about anything with a cute guy on the box. And if he's hot (like Brad is), lookout, cause you know what you'll be getting from me on your next birthday!

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