Sunday, February 12


Well, it was interesting, for lack of a more, uh, interesting word. From the screen capture accompanying this post, you probably guessed I was talking about Madonna's much-hyped appearance on last week's Grammy Telecast.

I wondered how they were going to stage the performance, and what the song would sound like. As it turned out, there wasn't much of a cross-over -- thirty seconds, if that, and the whole thing felt a little underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong-I thought she did a pretty good job. Well, actually, when you consider the fact she's pushing 50 years-old, it was an amazing performance. A little throaty, as far as the vocals went. And when I was scanning the performance for screen shots (I've got a collage of three other shots on my flickr account), I noticed she had her eyes closed. Alot.

I didn't watch the rest of the telecast -- didn't see much point in it, what with Mariah Carey (and her enterouge of 28 prodcer / song writers) up for so many awards. This picture got me thinking, though... If right now (after nearly 50 up-and-down years), Madonna looks like Paris Hilton (stripper pole and everything), what's Paris Hilton gonna look like when she's 50?


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