Monday, February 18


I was surfing the boob tube the other day, and came across HGTV's Deserving Design, with Vern Yip. Yes, the former Trading Spaces minimalist designer has his own design show. I'm not really sure about the premise of the show (I stumbled in half way through), but something caught my eye: his super-hot handyman, Kyle.

Something about Lane looked vaguely familiar, in that way that makes me feel both forgetful and useless all at once. Then, later, it hit me: Kyle... Carlson? The former A&F model, and one half of the hottest twin model team, ever? A quick trip to to IMDB proved me correct. What a treat, getting to see this hottie, on his own, working as a handyman. (Insert random, gay and/or village people joke here.)

I don't have a solo pics of Kyle - but it isn't like they're easy to tell apart, anyway (although Kyle does have a tattoo on his arm), so I've posted a yummy photo of both of them.

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