Tuesday, February 26


My younger sister and I were watching American Idol, and I mentioned how David Archuletta looked like a Mon Chi Chi. My sister, who is only 2 years younger than me, looked at me with a blank, confused look. "What's a Mon Chi Chi?" she asked.

A quick internet search turned up this photo:
And then, we compared them, side by side:
I stand by the comparison. Many media and web sources compare Archuletta to Sanjaya, as both are propelled by their young, rabid fan-base. I would stipulate that David (Mon Chi Chi) differs from Sangina, in that Mon Chi Chi can actually sing. God forbid someone do well in a singing competition who can actually sing.

The web search for the term, Mon Chi Chi also turned up this adorable (yet mildly disturbing) YouTube clip:

This now concludes our lesson on Mon Chi Chis.


Marz said...

In my defense, I am super tired and I don't think that I ever knew what those things were actually called. & i think that video is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

No worries... just sharing the story.