Friday, June 13


I gave in to a crass marketing campaign recently, and joined the Pepsi Stuff Program over at Amazon (site here). Here's basically how it works: you drink specially-marked bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and other Pepsi Co drinks, and on the inside of the cap is a code. You enter that code at the Pepsi Stuff site and earn points. These points are good towards merchandise and music downloads from Amazon...

Which is all nice and peachy, except, one bottle of soda is worth 1 point. A portable CD player is 125 points. And most MP3 downloads (which requires downloading a special software package from Amazon just to work) are 5 points.

No problem, right? Just drink a lot of soda! (I'm a big Pepsi Co fan to begin with.) Except that not all the MP3s at are available for download if you redeem your Pepsi Stuff Points. Only certain songs (and I have no idea how they selected which ones) are available through the Pepsi Stuff downloads.

Thanks... but no thanks.

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