Monday, June 2


Here are a handful of subject lines from actual email in my Yahoo! Spam folder:

Continue your health, don’t sleep in bed!
And where, exactly, should I sleep?

Phentremine: Get the body you deserve!
The body I deserve? But don't I deserve to have working heat valves, too? (Phentremine is thought to damage heart valves.)

Watch Uncensored TV from around the world on your computer right now.
And I do, thanks.

This oldie know how to suck.
And you no know how to type.

Smoking pornstar flower tucci butt poked by a large hard shaft.
I only know what about half of those words mean...

Separate yourself from other men.
I do, thanks.

No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises! No rabat!
What??? No rabat?

Granny having doggy fuck.
Get it, Granny!

The body grows and develops GRADUALLY, not over night!
Well, then you've never seen me after taking a few fiber-caps!

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