Thursday, May 29


One of the local Los Angeles newspapers occasionally prints excerpts from The Mayor Of Television Blog. Ignoring the obvious - printing a blog in the newspaper smacks of trying to be up-to-date with what the kids are doing these days; and, Who the frack died and made this guy the MAYOR of Television? - the column can actually be a decent read. I'd link to the blog's actual page, but the site is poorly designed, and suffers from pop--up-itis. (Yes, you can turn on pop-up blockers, but then the site is even slower to load, and this can be a pain if you're browsing the web in tabs.)

The more recent (printed) diatribe by, "The Mayor," had to do with a poll over at - I'd link to the poll, or at least the poll results, but (again) Flash animation-mania, and over-designing dooms this otherwise enjoyable site. (And the bottom line is, the poll is only incidental to my post.)

It seems the folks at took a user poll to find out what characters people want to see get their own spin-off shows. The Mayor takes issue with the site's methodology, or lack-thereof, and then proceeds to trash the "winners" of the poll, and wind-bags on to give his own nerdtacular ideas for programming. (Which, when you read, explain why he's writing a blog, and not producing any actual television content.)

Ah, what the heck. You can read his rant here.

What cracks me up is that one of the (many) complaints/digs he gets in is how the poll is a waste of time, and how fitting this time-wasting is, given than anyone using obviously has time to waste, for various unsavory reasons... when in fact, his blog (whether reprinted or not) is a colossal time-sucker. He's basically wasting time pontificating on the many ways that other people are wasting time, writing about television.

Kinda makes your head hurt, no?

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