Saturday, May 17


Here are actual email subject lines from my Yahoo! account:

An advisory means a potentially hazardous event is occurring.
Well, that's true, but who is going to issue an advisory about all these crappy spam?

An inhalation as destruction
I'm not even going to touch this one...

Financing Approved For Women – Ladies: Get approved with bad credit
Like ladies' night, but for credit cards, I guess.
Horny studs pull it for what they’re worth in the shower
This would be more sexually arousing if the poor grammar didn't muddle the meaning - he's pulling "it" (singular) for what "they're" (plural) worth... just how many things is he pulling on?

I was told that “I shot like an elephant.”
An elephant? Is this something to be proud of? And the person who said this to you... what was the frame of reference they were working from, and why were you sleeping with someone like that?
Lesbos playing with pantyhose
Interestingly enough, last week on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" they featured a story about how people on Lesbos Island were up in arms because they felt like saying they were Lesbian (from Lesbos) had an unfortunate double meaning.

Looking to impress broads? I do!
I'm guessing a good way to impress them is not to call them, "broads."
Nasty hunk talks a stranger into nasty action
I don't know about you, but "nasty" has always had negative connotations.
He be maladroit
What is that? Is that a good thing to be?
Avoid enhancement pills
I've been able to stay away from enhancement pills... it's the email solicitations of those pills I can't seem to avoid.

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