Wednesday, May 28


I have to fess up: although I'm absolutely dismayed at the fact that MTV doesn't actually play music anymore, I've fallen in love with one of its new shows: The Paper.

The show follows the day-to-day antics of a high school newspaper in Florida. I'm not sure how MTV decided to focus on high school drama, or how they chose this particular school, but as far as trashy, frothy reality programming goes, this show is tops. Most of the episodes center around the horrible Editor-In-Chief, Amanda, and the band of misfits she lead (or fights with, as the case may be). As far as central "characters" go, she's a real piece of work: clueless, lacking in all social graces and in charge of an, "award winning" newspaper... over the course of the first few episodes, she's galvanized the rest of the staff, leading to all-out chaos.

The daily requirements of a high school publication aren't that demanding, but based on the number of melt-downs, the amount of hand-wringing and general temper-tantrums, you'd think they were publishing a Pulitzer-winning daily newspaper.

And even though every moment of the show feels staged, and the thought of going to high school with the people on the show gives me the squirts... I can't get enough of The Paper. You can check out the show, watch episodes and see what all the fuss is about here.

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