Saturday, May 17


Here are the tunes rockin' my world this month (in no particular order):

4 Minutes [Album Version / Peter Saves NY Mix] Madonna feat Justin Timberlake - Easily the best track on her new album, this one still gets my blood pumping in the morning. I haven't really been into Peter Rauhofer's mixes and mixing for a while, but with this one, he's back on top. Madonna and Rauhofer together are like peanut butter and chocolate together: wonderful on their own, and dynamite when combined!

Heartbeat / Miles Away [Album Versions] Madonna - While most of the tracks on "Hard Candy" are utter garbage, I love these two tracks. They're the only ones I find myself wanting to sing along to in the car.

Cities In Dust [Album Version] Junkie XL feat Lauren Rock - Not as good as the original (but what is?), this cover of the Siouxsie & The Banshees 80s classic is a heavy, dirty electro with rocking guitars. I first heard it on an episode of "Gossip Girl," and I was floored... but I always love Junkie XL's work.

Stranger [Album Version / Smax & Gold Mix] Hilary Duff - Smax & Gold are quickly becoming my new favorite remixers, and this gem is a perfect example of why.

Hi N Bye [Smax & Gold Mix] Till West & Eddie Thoenick feat Alexandra Pierce - This rockin', dirty electro mix (with a huge disco house breakdown in the middle) still rocks my world on the treadmill, in the car, in the shower...

So Excited [Bimbo Jones Club Mix] Janet Jackson feat Khia - I've been on a mission, trying to collect as many Bimbo Jones remixes as I can these past few months. He takes great pop vocals and juices them up into dance floor stormers.

Set You Free 2008
[Various Mixes] Planet Soul - A great, classic breakbeat club track, re-worked with the original club heads in mind. No amount of remixing can hide how great the original vocal is, and most of the new mixes manage to stay clear of messing this formula up.

Push The Feeling On 2008 [Various Mixes] The Nightcrawlers - Another classic club hit (probably on of the Top Ten Club Tracks of all time) with some great mixes from the house, electro and progressive DJ communities.

[Album Version] Jessica Sierra - I first heard this track on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab," and fell in love with the raw, powerful vocal. I'm sad to report this was Jessica's only iTunes release, which is a shame. Few "American Idol" alumni reach this level of depth and personal artistry.

Come Together / Let It Be
[Soundtrack Version] Various Artists from the "Across The Universe" Soundtrack - If you haven't seen "Across The Universe," rush out and rent it. (Or put it in your Netflix cue, whatever the case may be.) You don't have to be a Beatles fan, or a fan of musicals to love this complex, rich and beautiful film and its glorious soundtrack.

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