Wednesday, May 28


This isn't really a match, but more of one of those uncanny, family-type resemblances. (I don't know... white people start to all look alike after a while.) If you've seen The CW's new show Farmer Wants A Wife - which seems more like a low-rent concept they'd do over at Fox - then you've seen one half of this pair:

Former Fox News "Reporter" turned White House Press Representative (and now, ass-cancer survivor), Tony Snow and the CW's Farmer bear an uncanny similarity in look (especially when you seen them both in "action" and not as much in the stills I found).

Check these photos out, and tell me these two don't share some common bloodline:

See, how they both use microphones when speaking in front of crowds?

And see how they both have to put up with dumb-@ssholes:

And check out those whitey, white-@ss dork grins:

And not only do they look alike, but they've both gone on TV and sold their dignity just for the chance to be there...

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