Saturday, June 21


Although I didn't include Duffy's Mercy on my June music list, this little retro ditty has me boppin' and rockin' involuntarily the second I hear the beat. When I first heard it, I thought, "Oh, no... Here comes wave after wave of Amy Winehouse wannabe artists, knocking-off that old, Motown-ish dance vibe." But after a couple of closer listens, I was hooked.

Its a catchy enough tune, with a great "sing-a-long" type of chorus. And once that beat starts swayin', you know you're in for a fun ride.
But what's been bothering me - the one thing getting under my skin - is the set of garbled, unintelligible background lyrics during the big, dramatic breakdown. Duffy repeats the chorus, with only the drums to back her up... you know the kind of breakdown I'm talking about: the clap right here type of musical interlude. But while she croons, begging for mercy, there's another, spoken lyric layered in, offering a strong, but still hip rhythmic counterpoint.

I've listened to the track a ton of times. I've slowed it down, isolated the channels and applied every filter and plug-in in my arsenal (which is saying a bit). I've searched the web, scouring every Duffy web site and lyric site. A massive Google search even turned up two forum discussions on the topic (here and here) proving I'm not alone in my desire to know these lyrics.

But nothing. Zilch. Nada. No luck... what I could figure out, I pieced together, and you can read my attempt here. If you know these lyrics, or just know of a source for finding them out, please let me know!


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