Monday, September 29


One of my secret, guilty pleasures is watching infomercials... the cheesier the product, the better. I love those stupid grillers, Aqua Globes and just about anything else presented in long-commercial format.

But recently, I've noticed a new product haunting the late-night infomercial circuit: The Perfect Push-Up. Now, I'm all for watching greased-up beau-hunks writhe around in the name of fitness, but c'mon! Does this product really do anything? Even if I had tons of disposable income, I wouldn't waste it on junk like this.

It's a lot like the pictures on mens' underwear boxes: guys see them an think, "Hey, if I buy this product, then I'll look like that!" I'm guessing the Perfect Push-Up operates on the same principle: nice to look at, but not much bang for your buck.

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