Saturday, September 13


We recently had a new market open up in town: Fresh & Easy. It is supposed to be all British and junk, but it seemed more warehouse, post-Costco economy to me. They had a decent selection of certain products, and lacked others. (I mean, how many varieties of frozen pizza does a store need? Oh, and the lemon bars from the "bakery" section rocked.) Overall, I would say it was an OK shopping experience. Nothing I need to repeat any time soon, but not totally insufferable, either.

But one thing did kind of tick me off: they had parking, at the front of the store, reserved for "mothers with children." Now, I understand handicapped parking. And I've put up with expectant mother parking (although, from what I understand, a little walking is good for women who are preggers). But this? This kind of felt like the last straw. I want special parking at the gym for gays, and special parking at my bank, because I speak English.

OK, that last bit was a tad asshole-ish. But I think we're going a little too far with this parking for mothers with children. They can walk, and avoid getting hit by cars like everybody else. It's Darwin's Law: survival of the fittest, no special help or protection. I mean, there's a reason why I made it to my age without getting hit by a car: my parents taught me to always look both ways before crossing the street.

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M said...

Yeah, they have random cool stuff but are missing some of basics. I would shop there if I wanted some neat munchies for an outing but not to shop there on a regular basis. Too much trouble.