Wednesday, September 3


I seem to be getting the same amount of Spam in my Yahoo email, but so many of them repeat over and over. I mean really, if I didn't fall for the whole, your gift card is waiting thing before, I'm not going to fall for it ten times now. But here are some of the tastier ones:

Make your PC faster and more secure!
That is, by definition, impossible.

Broke as a joke? Get a free COSTCO Card with participation!
I'm not falling for this one, but I'll give some points for using the ol'skool phrase, "broke as a joke."

Feeling poor? Poor thing! Use that time to enroll in college online!
Poor in spirit? Pocket poor? Pour and drink?

Dumb and poor? Here's a simple way to make money?
What's with all the email assuming I'm dumb? Although I did giggle when I read all of these.

Drive more quality customers to your web site.
Thanks, but I like the ones I have.

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