Monday, March 13


I stumbled on this link this morning, while browsing the blogosphereand just had to share it with anyone, and everyone. I’m a huge South Park fan (not so much the movie, as the TV show), so getting to make my own character (in my likeness, natch) was a hoot. The show—along with The Simpsons and a handfull of other programs—has managed to stay fresh, and funny as the years have gone by.

While I enjoy newbies, like Family Guy and Drawn Together, they rely too much on over-the-top, sell-it-to-the-balcony antics (mostly potty humor). South Park caused quite a stir when it first launched, if memory serves. But season after season, the creators managed to layer in subtle (well, subtle-esque if that's even a word), topical humor, broadening the appeal... it's one of the few shows I actually watch from start to finish (other than Battlestar Galactica, which we'll cover later in the week). I try not to jump around to other channels during the commercial breaks, as I'm afraid of missing anything. (All you TiVo users out there are pussies, as far as I'm concerned.)
So c’mon down to South Park, and meet some friends of mine…

[Aside to Marz: your blogger identity doesn't click-thru to anything? Son las bloggers, no?]

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Marz said...

LOL, Si, son las bloggers.

We both know that I am not the most technology savvy person.(my iPod use being a good example). I’ll send you my link in am email later.

And I wouldn’t describe you as squinty, as in the picture above. Although I love the T-shirt.