Saturday, March 11


OK, so my list of songs I love--for February--never went up, cuz I have a MAJOR beef with on of them.

Now, lemme back this thang up, and say I LOVE me some Missy Elliott, Misdameana or not.

Having said that, I'm sick and tired of shelling out money for her album, only to have her re-lyric every song (and not always for the better) when the video comes out.

"We Run This", the newest single from THE COOKBOOK, rocks... it samples one of my favorite ol skool songs (anyone who drops a tune by The Amazing Bongo Band is pretty cool in my book), has a great hook (which is rare for a hip-hop / rap song) and has—make that HAD—great lyrics.

I mean, watching the video (where these photos came from), all I could think was, What was she thinking? It was such a hot track, and now... well, it just doesn't make sense. Missy: Get back to work. We're all proud of you for keeping the lbs off, but you make better tunes when you're chubby, and now that you're thin enough to dance around, there' NO excuse for lip-syncing a performance (like on the BET awards)... have a snack, regain focus and WIORK IT!

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