Monday, March 27


I know March is almost over, but here are my picks for music (some of them are even available on iTunes, so spend the 99 cents and just buy one of 'em.) I thought I'd do something a little different this month, and made a quickie photo-collage during my lunch after-glow.

This is a photo of Tiga, who's debut album is SO hot, I just had to use him in as the basis for the image. His song, (Far From) Home, at least the reprise version, is awesome. I mean, who even has reprise tracks on an ablum anymore? Not-to-be-missed, quality jams... that's what I'm servin' up. Hungry? (No? Filled up on skrimps, I guess!)

If you're a big fan of electro, but have a soft-spot (or hard-spot) for hip-hop, check out his cover of Nelly's Hot N Herr, from the DJ Kicks! series. It's on the iTunes store, and is a must-have for music lovers.

If you've got a tune you think I should hear, or heard a song / remix you want to know more about, just hollah at meez.

Happy hunting!

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