Thursday, March 30


So I went to Pasadena today, to Lush, to buy some stuff. (If you haven't checked out Lush's AMAZING product line, you should—it rocks.) Anyway, I tried to use an American Express gift card my dad gave me...

and it was declined.

Uh, it's a gift, card, you f*ck-tards! How can it be declined.

Well, my inner-Shanehneh took over, and I called Amex, only to find out that you can't redeem the card outside the U.S.

Uh, bigger f*ck-tard says what???

That's right... Lush is based out of Canada, so I couldn't redeem my card at ANY of their stores, no matter where they are. But the funny thing (and this is funny), is how the tard from Amex kept insisting I was trying to use the card outside the U.S., when I was in Pasadena, CA. You know, Pasadena, the home of the f*cking Rose Parade. (Now, granted, nobody watched it this year, but still... everyone knows the parade isn't held in Mexico, or China.) You think, with all the g*#@damn money they make, Amex could hire employees with a basic sense of geography and cultural awareness!


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Marz said...

Oh snap! That is really stupid.