Tuesday, April 25


If you haven't had the chance to check out The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm Podcast, well... you have NO idea what you're missing out on.

I know I've prattled on (and on, and on) about other podcasts, but this is one for the ages. If you don't know who Frances Gumnm is, shame on you! She was (and remains) one of the true American treasures, and this podcast celebrates her, in all her glory. Lovingly created, expertly delivered and entertaining from start to finish, this is one podcast you don't want to miss! I've downloaded every single episode to my back-up drive, and find myself listening to them, over an over again.

"Somewhere, over the rainbow," is no longer the cry of the masses... you can over the rainbow, anytime you want. Just go to iTunes, or to http://francesgummcast.blogspot.com/, and subscribe to The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm Podcast.


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