Wednesday, April 26


The place I'm working at is about to roll out a whole new batch of marketing/purchase options, so we've had quite a few training sessions... pretty dull stuff, for the most part.

Except... well, I should make it clear, I'm the only one in my office who thinks this is funny. It's hard to judge, since my last office job was a porn company, but this made me giggle quite a bit: The new options they're introducing are called Private Party Packages, or just 'packages' for short. I wrote down my favorite lil' gems of advice from managers:

"You need to seduce me with your package."

"Don't just throw your package out there... nobody wants a package thrown in their face."

"Find a way to make your package more appealing... convince me its the package for me."

And my personal favorite:
"That's a great package!"

OK, so I've got a thirteen year old's sense of humor... but it's funny, darn it!


Chargenda said...

thanks for reading my blog. Packages make me giggle, too.

Bruce said...

Oh my...I giggled all the way through. I love "Don't just through your package out there..." I would have found it hard to keep a straight face in that meeting.