Friday, April 28


I try not to be too judgmental, when it comes to my fellow man. But, on my way into the office this morning, I saw an employee (from another company), wearing the following:

*a cheap-looking, stalker-esque trench coat; y'know, the faded, Members Only, kind over a

*blue, denim button-down shirt, buttoned up to the last button
tucked into a

*pair of pleated, turquoise Dockers-like pants, equally faded and worn-out

I'm not one to cast stones, especially when it comes to fashion, but c'mon... pleats? Even this guy in the picture can't pull them off. (Although those cocktails do make him a little more attractive.)


Jihadist Jerry said...

Pleats are come back in. So sad, but it was everywhere on Paris runway. Pleats and tapered legs. Some 80's fashion should have been retire.

licoricepirate said...

LoLz ! ~ ~ !