Friday, April 7


My reign of terror at MEN and FRESHMEN magazines may have only lasted a year, but what a year it was!

My favorite issue, is still probably the April issue, with COLT Man Exclusive (or whatever his title actually is), Chris Wide on the cover.

That particular issue was a bitch to put together, but it was probably the best one we did. The photography was all first-rate, and the interviews were all great. (Special thanks to Gabriel and the Men of COLT, esp. Manfred, who kicked some serious ass in that department.)

As you can see, from the photo I ganked off COLT's site, Chris looks better than ever (loving the furry-tummy he's working, but really loving the tighty-whities).

If you get the chance, check out Chris' films, especially BuckleRoos, and Wide Country, both available from the COLT Store.

Have a good weekend!

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