Monday, April 24


More spam from my email... they just don't learn, do they?

Second notification Duane

Only 999,997 more names to go until you guess the right one. The sad thing is, I have a really common name!

Chief Emeka Anuaoku, from Chief Emeka Anuaoku
Lemme guess… your grandma was a Cherokee Princess, right? Heard that one before.

Piter Iove naasty chlccks manages serviceman
Nervous in the service, Piter? As sexy and tempting as the thought of some stud in coveralls getting his dipstick checked is, I’m gonna have to pass.

Squaw message from Belinda Bishop

Belinda’s a Squaw? I never knew that. Maybe her grandma was a Cherokee Princess! (There’s no such thing, by the way—all you honkeys who go around saying that, in some attempt to be more connected to ethnic minorities can just stop now.)

Busty tanned teen fucked doggystyle on sofa
Busty and tanned? And on the sofa no less. Why a teen, though? Have bored housewives lost their mainstream appeal?

Cutie with braces gets on her knees, from Hellenic Nature
OK, so this email didn’t really interest me as much as who sent it. “Hellenic Nature,” what a hoot.

Forestry message from Jordan Blue
Jordan Blue could either be a really nasty chick, or a really nasty twink. Either way I’m not interested. But saying it was a forestry message was a nice touch.

Teen rides dick like a real cowgirl
Well, get you some, girl! Sounds like she’s having a good time, but I’m still not gonna open it.

Yuong sveet gilrs haardscore Hafiz unanimity
What? What the hell does this one mean, anyway? C’mon spammers, you’re not even trying now.

Vika gets some deep railing in threesome
Deep railing sounds like some sort of dentistry term. Could be, for all I know. But (say it with me now) I’m still not gonna open your damn, spam email.

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