Wednesday, May 3


Sorry I haven't posted as of late, been a little under the weather. But I had to share this conversation I just had with a phone rep from Chase Bank:

ME: Uh, so I got this letter from you guys, something about my APR being adjusted.

RE: No, sir -- I don't show any letter going out to this account.

ME: Well, it goes something like this [I read about half the letter before she interrupts]...

RE: Oh yes, sir. I see we adjusted your APR in April.

ME: Oh. So... uh, was I credited.

RE: No, sir. Your account was at the wrong APR, so we lowered it.

ME: Right, the letter says that. So, what about the 6 other months is was at the wrong rate?

RE: We lowered them.

ME: So I was credited for the amount I over-paid all those months?

RE: No, sir, I show no credits.

ME: So, uh... what the hell went on?

RE: Look, sir... we credited your account the following amounts... [she rattles off a bunch of numbers]

ME: Uh, so I was credited.

RE: No, your account was adjusted.

ME: Uh, OK. Thanks.

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Bruce said...

So another words, "Leave me alone, I don't know what I'm talking about."