Friday, May 19


Here are this week's top-picks for SPAM:

Cute young teen pussy fucking big cock
Is it the pussy that's young, or the teen?

Re: Lavyqo News
What news? Huh? Who are these people?

Amazingly brunette babe using a vibro
How, pray tell, is someone or something "amazingly" brunette?

Bigtit babes gets lesbian fuck
How many are there? Grammar, people, grammar. I like my cheap internet porn to make sense!

Yummy teen stuffs pussy with hairh brush
Yummy? And is it more than one teen? Or is is the yummy one who is trying to comb-out the other one's hairpie?

Smoking hot teen babysitter threesome
Teens who smoke are not hot, and threesomes can be awkward..

Busty cheerleader massievly doggy styled
What if I want to see her only sort-of get styled?

You won’t find anything better, Cassie
They're not even trying, now.

You are lucky boy
No, I'm a lucky dog, but thanks for trying.

Real men never cry
No, but we do eat flan.

Fortune smiled on us

After a famine in the stall comes a famine in the hall
So sayeth the good book!

and my personal favorite:

Acquitting bartend reef dyad viscometer allegoric octile westward interim kulak

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