Monday, May 22


I was very sad to hear the news that Jay* (NYC Go-GoBoy, and all-around hottie) was hanging up his... uh, underwear/jockstrap, I guess. Now domesticated (or so they say), Jay will no longer be dancing, or appearing on The Gay Pimp's Podcast. [Aside to Str8boy Martin: butch it up, Mary! With Jay out of the picture, the nelly-factor will soar out of control. Keep it in check, or else it's sand in your vaseline... got it?] Jay was a regular contributor to the GPP, and while not on the level of cultural impact, of say... Sophia Lamar, he brought something unique to the show. (Large, and unique, from what I'm heard.) Although his movie reviews were, well... they were, uh... well, that isn't the point. He was really cute, and he's got a great ass, OK? There are plenty of hot, young gay guys out there with big doingers, and asses as sweet as vanilla ice cream, but not all of them can go-go, let alone give strip-tease movie reviews.

But I put my full faith in the big, gay pimp-daddy on the other coast: if there's a boy hot enough out there to fill the hole... eww, let's not go there. Jonny McGovern will deliver, cause that's just what he does. If you, or someone you know thinks they have what it takes to be the next big Go-Go/Movie Slut sensation, go to Jonny McGovern's site, and get to work!

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