Saturday, May 20


My name Nunyo Dambizness
My childhood ambition, according to the little book my mom filled out when I was a tot, was to be a garbage man, or drive a tractor. (Butch, huh? So what the hell happened?)
My soundtrack needs a knob to control the volume.
My retreat: my music.
My wildest dreams would scare you.
My proudest moment has yet to come.
My biggest challenge is avoiding the urge to climb up on a clock tower, with a high-powered rifle, and… ooops, uh, forget I said that one.
My alarm clock is set to some obnoxious ‘morning zoo’ morning-drive, radio program, so I’ll be sure to get out of bed and turn the damn thing off!
My perfect day would be around 67 to 73 degrees, Fahrenheit.
My first job was at a movie theatre. Actually, now that I think about it, I taught swimming lessons at our homeowner’s association pool one summer… but for some reason, I don’t count it as work.
My indulgence varies, from day to day.
My last purchase was a few boxes of those 100-calorie chip packages. It’s all about portion-control, people!
My favorite movie depends on my mood (and who’s asking). But I would say I’ve always been particularly fond of “Amadeus” and “Clue.”
My inspiration eludes me as I grow older.
My life is a drama, with a beginning, a middle and no end!
My card isn’t from some snooty, evil company like American Express—they screwed me once, and that was one too many times for my taste!

American Excess

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