Friday, May 5


Yes, these are all real subject lines from my email I’ve collected in the past week, or so. In no particular order, here are my favorites:

Second notification, Kermit
Well, they're just not even trying, now, are they? I mean, I love the Muppets, but... c'mon.

Hey bro, found this site
Yeah, uh, that almost worked... its right up there, with wearing head-to-toe A&F at the gym/club/bar... and you're 54 years old.

WalMart (R) gift card worth* $500.00 inside
Well, the (R) was a nice touch, but Wal Mart? C'mon!

Olya getting a good drilling on the sofa
Go, Olya! Dental hygiene is so very important, when you're an immigrant.

A naughty girl making a breast massage
Huh? Making a massage? Me speaka English very, very gooder.

Don't be left behind the enlargement revolution!
Uh, hell-o? One look at the new mobile phones will tell you, there's a miniaturization revolution going on! Duh!

ExpIicit voyeeur phootos specially Pickman, from Zipityzap_108
Lame. Utterly lame!

My boy!
Hmm... nah, that's just sick.

Sveet sIuts hardsore picts justness gorillas
I laughed for quite a while after reading this one!

Are you alone?
Yeah, but I have the voices in my head to keep me company, so don't worry about it!

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