Friday, May 5


OK, so I finally got pissed off at my last boss (actual picture on left), for sacking me.

I mean, how dare you? I rocked! I rocked like no one you've ever seen! And don't tell me it was me, or I couldn't handle the job...
the last three guys before me quit, or were fired, and there wasn't anyone in the job for almost 6 months prior to my arrival. Oh, and the guy you gave my job to walked off the job after less than a year!

Alright, maybe it is the job. Or maybe its you! Either way, it doesn't matter, now, I guess. What's done is done, right?

Then why am I mad now? I'll tell you... starting over sucks, no matter what the circumstances are. That's just how it is, end of story.

But how dare you just snap your fingers, and send me back to go, and tell me its my fault?! You're gonna get what's comming to you, trust me. And I'm not gonna shed a single tear. At least not for you.

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Bruce said...


You are better off. Some people just don't realize what they have/had until it's gone. I know I have left other companies that are now less off or not around after I left (I'd like to think it was because I wasn't there anymore...right) But you know what this means??? There's something better out there for you that you were meant to do and now you have the freedom to go get it.