Sunday, May 7


ready to ru-uuuuun!

I didn't post my music picks for April, so here's an extra-big, fatty May edition. I picked this photo for a couple of reasons. (Hope y'all can read the text, and everything's spelled rite... heh, heh, heh. That was a joke.) First off, my little sis' asked me for a copy of their song, "Ready To Run," but I didn't have it. Long story short: I fell in love with it. I already loved the gals, for a number of reasons, but this was the first time I actually paid attention to their music.

Yes, their stand on the war, and our President won me over. (The backlash against them wasn't half as bad as it was reported in the media, but I'll post on that, later in the week.) But what first caught my eye, and won them a place my heart was the ad campaign this photo is taken from. Yeah, Candies are kinda lame, and yeah, it is a bit of a sell-out move to take-on a huge sponsor like this...

But I love that the ad shows all three of them chowing down -- and I mean, wolfing down -- greasy, All-American fast food in the back of their limo. If you're smart enough to read this post, then you're smart enough to know how few positive images of healthy, real women circulate in our mainstream media. Yes, childhood obesity is on the rise, but somehow, at some point, those chubby lil' porkers start starving themselves (or worse) by the time they leave for college. Bravo, to the D-Chicks, for presenting an image of women eating food, and enjoying it. To the rest of the gals -- excluding the cast of the Charlie's Angels movies (you go, Drew!), I only have this to say: when your elbows are the largest part of your upper-body, it's time to re-think you relationship with food.

Eww... bit of a downer-post, huh? Oh well. Go cheer yourself up with some music - most, or all of my music picks can be found on legitimate music web sites, so go ahead, and get your groove on!

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