Wednesday, March 12


Media outlets - from print, to TV and the online world - declared this season of American Idol all but over, crowning David Archuleta this year's presumptive winner. Much like their declaration that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Presidential Nominee, it seems they may have rushed to call the Idol race a little too soon.

Anyone witnessing Archuleta's natural talents will admit he's a serious contender. But all this positive, glowing press coverage (combined with last night's dismal performance) may lead to early burn-out, or worse: a backlash. Most pop-culture phenomenon, at one point or another, experience a backlash of sorts, but Season 7's Mon-Chi-Chi has yet to develop a anti-fan base. (Other, more hate-worthy contestants, have already managed to secure the bile of sites like Vote For the Worst.)

I've enjoyed David's performances this season - hey, I even signed up to be on the ticket wait-list, and I haven't seen Idol live since Clay and Reuben - but the idea of this year's contest being sewn-up is a major turn off. I've (almost) been rooting for other singers, just to spite those who would crown David this early on. But what last night proves, is that this is still anyone's game, and the show is still watchable (but just barely... someone should really check Paula's meds.)

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